Canine Boarding
Dogs are kept in runs and cages appropriate for their size with clean, soft bedding and beds in their runs. Boarding dogs are given off-leash relief time at least 4 times daily in a fully enclosed yard and accompanied by a kennel attendant for play and monitoring. In addition, they have shade complete with misters during the summer months and lots of playtime. They can play ball and get plenty of exercise so that they're not stuck in a cage or a run all day. All dogs that stay with us for 3 or more nights receive a complimentary bath.

Feline Boarding
Cats board in their individual cat condos and are allowed to explore and look outside through strategically placed windows in our enclosed common cat area. Our cat boarding is located away from dogs and dog noise to create a more pleasant boarding experience.

Siena Animal Hospital
5625 S Grand Canyon Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89148

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