Kristi's Kanines specializes in premium pet care. NYC dog hiking and swimming, dog sitting and walking and cat visits. Our goal is to bring peace of mind to you and your pet.

Our NYC dog walkers are experienced and reliable pet owners. They are animal lovers and experienced in animal care.

Our mission is to treat your NYC dog and home with the love, care and respect we would use to treat our own. We believe in nurturing dogs in their home environment and helping them follow a consistent and reliable schedule.

We pride ourselves on dependability, punctuality, safety and our love of animals.

Kristi's Kanines recognizes the large amount of high energy dogs in NYC. An hour out with a NYC dog walker is just not enough. The limited space for them to stretch their legs can create difficulties. Whether the dog is big or small, a high energy dog needs to run. They often become destructive, depressed and out of shape if their energy is not released. We have developed a fantastic outlet for active dogs in NYC. We offer NYC dog hiking twice a week. Our NYC dog hikes are reasonably priced and a great break from the city. They are all day outings of swimming and romping in the country. Our goal is to bring you home a happy well-exercised NYC canine.

Kristis Kanines
400 E 50th St, Ste 3E
New York, NY 10022

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