Every Doggie Has Its DayCare is not a traditional kennel, we use a doggie suite environment. During the day, your dog will play with other dogs in daycare, matched up by activity level. At night, what your dog does at home, they will do here at Every Doggie Has Its DayCare, sleep. We have video surveillance of your dog while they sleep and we have an alarm system that triggers if the temperature in the boarding area goes above 88 degrees or below 55 degrees. Your dog is never crated unless that is his routine at home. By keeping the dogs close to their daily routine, there is less stress, they don't realize you are gone, and you can relax and enjoy your vacation or night on the town, knowing your dog is having a vacation of his own!

We have a 1,500 sq ft play area divided by size and energy level. A 200 sq ft outside area. We currently have 8 boarding suites for overnight stays.

Updated: Fri Jul 07, 2023 - Pending Verification.
Every Doggie Has Its DayCare
19209 N 83rd Ave Ste 106
Peoria, AZ 85382

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