At Doggie Fun & Fitness Center, located in Kingston, MA, we offer a variety of dog services...Day Care while you are working or for a day of fun for your dog...Day Care & Train we do the heavy lifting! we train & socialize your dog all week long & you come in Saturday for a re-cap...Indoor Dog Park drop in to watch your dog socialize with other healthy & well-behaved dogs- rain or shine, day or night! Play around with our indoor agility equipment or just run around with playmates...Agility Training - participate in the newest craze! Dog Agility is like a doggie amusement park! It is a healthy outlet for the over-active dogs that never seem to tire & is a great way to build a nervous dog's self-esteem. One of our specialties is a hybrid puppy class which mixes private training with well-behaved socialized dogs of all ages & sizes. We have over ten years experience, but more then that, we will treat your beloved pet like we treat our own.

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Doggie Fun & Fitness
47 Marion Dr
Kingston, MA 02364

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